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  • International Workshop – Values at sea: Science Studies meets Marine Biology

    Across many disciplines, attention is increasingly focused on the sea. This is no surprise: it is a site of immense value, supporting and shaping the global biosphere, and is under considerable threat. Whilst ocean ecosystems are pushed to the brink, scholars now often talk of the blue humanities and oceanic turns, of blue economics and accelerations, and of ocean decades. These trends necessitate a similar refocusing towards the sea in the history, philosophy, and social studies of science, fields that are well placed to help understand and contextualise some of the changes occurring to marine systems. To facilitate the emergence of social studies of marine life, as well as the integration of such scholarship with biological and ecological research, this two-day seminar will bring together people engaged in and focused on interactions between scientists and the sea. The discussion will centre on values in marine contexts: that is, the ways in which oceans and ocean life come to matter to humans and other species.

    By bringing together those working within marine sciences, those studying the work done in those sciences, and those offering other perspectives on the sea, we aim to nurture and strengthen cross-disciplinary understandings of how the ocean is, has been, and can be valued. Talks are invited from ecology and social sciences to present work on the biology and ecology of the sea and its interactions with people, as well as from science studies to discuss how knowledge and value are produced in these contexts.

    Time and Place
    This workshop will take place on Exeter University’s Streatham Campus, 27th-28th April 2023. The workshop will also be streamed online, though active participation from online attendees will be limited due to the in-person nature of the event. Attendance and catering for registered participants will be free thanks to the generous support of the South West Doctoral Training Partnership, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action 885794 and the Egenis Centre for the Study of Life Sciences.

    Organisers: Elis Jones, Sabina Leonelli, Jose Cañada, Sophia Barlow

    To register your interest in attending, or for questions and information, please contact Elis Jones or Jose Cañada

    Themes: marine science, marine and coastal spaces, value, conservation, marine wellbeing, science studies, socio-ecology